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What is Stage?

Stage is a real-time 3D rendering and visualization platform that streamlines your digital product development pipeline, provides photo-real and interactive design reviews, and has insanely fast rendering capabilities. Stage allows you to connect with other design tools including Browzwear’s Vstitcher and others to fit right into your existing 3D pipeline.

Speed is Everything

What’s faster than real time? With Stage, waiting for renders is a thing of that past. Design complex photo-real projects with the speed of playing a video game thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5.

Live Review & Collaboration

Great design takes teamwork and real-time rendering allows for instant changes from in-the-moment feedback. Live reviews call for quicker decision making to speed up your pipeline.

Lighting & Environment Presets

Creating the right lighting and space for your designs to live in has never been so easy. Utilize Stage's wide range of set lighting and camera view presets, or create your own and share it with your entire team. Enjoy the library of HDR environments with full ray-tracing abilities to create the perfect world to showcase your designs.

Realistic Backpack Realistic Shoe Realistic Camera

Live Photo-real Visualizations

Stage does not sacrifice quality for speed. Your designs are photo-real AND real-time. Every texture and detail will come through and allow you to perfect every aspect of your design, without the draining hours of rendering.